Leak Test Apparatus

Leak Test System

The vacuum leak detection system HLS 03 finds smallest leaks and holes in tablet blister and other flexible, semi-rigid packages. Vacuum, test and penetration time are adjustable and can be stored into a database, this ensures that identical products will always be tested with the same parameters so that tests are repeatable.

SALIENT FEATURES : 6 x 2 cm Large size numerical LCD display. Fully Micro Processor controlled operation. Continues display of process value along with vacuum level and time programmed. Polycarbonate vacuum desiccator. Built in  portable, maintenance free, oil free vacuum pump. Automatic release of vacuum from desiccator after completion of process with audio alarm. Low power consumption.

Leak Test GraphThe hold mode has two phases:-

Evacuation of the desiccator : The test time for vacuum exposure will stress the package to exact periods.

Venting the desiccator : The blister pack remains under atmospheric pressure. This ensures penetration into fine capillaries.

Technical Specification :

Supply vacuum source Inbuilt double-headed membrane vacuum pump
supply voltage 230 V AC
frequency 50/60 Hz
Units pressure units mmHg
Vacuum Adjustable up to max 600mmHg.
Accuracy ± 1% FSC
Environment Temperature ± 5….+ 40ºC
Air RH 0….90% non condensing
Size 250 x 370 x 200 mm
Body Complete Stainless steel 304